Jackson Saint-Louis

(better known as )

Jax The Messenger

Jackson Saint-Louis is a Haitian-American author and entrepreneur, who is commonly known by his spoken word artist stage name “Jax the Messenger.” He has proven himself to be a true wordsmith. After releasing his first book in 2013, entitled Crucified for 33 Thoughts: Spoken Word Poems, he was one of the first self-published authors to have his book land on the shelves of major universities such as the University of Miami, Florida Atlantic University, and Seton Hall University. Jackson went on to write several more books such as Diary of a Side Dude and Diary of a Side Dude II, before venturing out as a brilliant young entrepreneur. Jackson began his entrepreneurial journey by becoming a realtor, and still dabbles in real estate to this day. Throughout his experience of motivational speaking, there was one audience that captivated his attention. The children! Jax saw how impressionable they were and wanted to uplift what he calls “the sponges of our future.” That led to his first children's book, entitled On My Time. The clever storyline encourages kids to never give up, no matter the circumstances. The success of On My Time lead to Jax’s first book tour throughout South Florida elementary schools, motivating the youth along the way. It was during these times Jax noticed so many individuals wanted to share their writing, but lacked resources or understanding of the publishing industry. This led Jackson to create Molding Messengers, an innovative publishing company that has seen success within its first year. Molding Messengers has become a hub for first-time authors. However, seasoned authors have also taken a liking to this unique method of publishing that is author-friendly. Within that same year, Jax launched Messengers Talents, a talent management company. Messengers Talents manages a range of talents, including models, comedians, actors, and even speakers. 2018 was a big year for Jax, as it is also the year he released his first spoken word album, Transparency. The album would land in the top 100 charts in its genre on Amazon. Just a few months later, Jax released a surprise spoken word EP on Valentine’s Day, entitled Lovers & Friends. Shortly after, keeping the Messengers theme, Jax founded Messengers Apparel. Messengers Apparel is a clothing brand that focuses on uplifting creatives, which showcases many of the artists of Messengers Talents. The serial entrepreneur continues: Jax’s latest project is Messengers Reads. It’s a mobile application Jax has been keeping under wraps until its official launch. It is clear Jax is not letting up any time soon … more books and innovative businesses are still to come.

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