Molding Messengers

Based in Miami, Florida, Molding Messengers is an innovative full-service book publisher that is prepared to work with you during any stage of the writing, publishing and marketing process. We aim to serve authors both near and far who are ready to share their work with the world. Equipped with a team of editors and marketing specialists, publishing your work has never been easier. What separates Molding Messengers from other publishing companies is that we value our ability to work one-on-one with our clients from the moment they submit their manuscripts until the completion of the projection.

Messengers Talents

Messengers Talents is a full-service talent management entity for all forms of artistry. Founded in 2018 by Jackson “Jax the Messenger” Saint-Louis, Messengers has since expanded to different areas in art and entertainment. We manage spoken word artists, comedians, actors, models and more! Our diverse roster, has allowed us to create unique events and projects that brings them all together on one platform. We specialize in both artist development and artist management. Our goal is to utilize their gifts to not only grow in their respected lanes, but to create new and different avenues as well.

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